Hero Training Program

Super Hero: Robin

Hero Trait: Helpful

Definition: Serving others with a joyful heart.

Super Hero: The Hulk

Hero Trait: Self Control

Definition: Doing the right thing even when you don't feel like it.

Super Hero: Iron Man

Hero Trait: Creative

Definition: Doing something in a new way.

Super Hero: Batman

Hero Trait: Attentive

Definition: Paying attention and ready to act.

Super Hero: Superman

Hero Trait: Diligent

Definition: Working hard until the job is finished.

Super Hero: Thor

Hero Trait: Joyful

Definition: Choosing happiness no matter the situation.

Super Hero: The Green Lantern

Hero Trait: Patience

Definition: Waiting without complaining.

Super Hero: Captain America

Hero Trait: Truthful

Definition: Always telling what actually happened.

Super Hero: The Flash

Hero Trait: Grateful

Definition: Being thankful to God and others.

Super Hero: Spiderman

Hero Trait: Kind

Definition: Treating others like I would want to be treated.

Super Hero: Hawkeye

Hero Trait: Generous

Definition: Giving to others or our time, money and talents.

Super Hero: Wolverine

Hero Trait: Brave

Definition: Doing the right thing, even when you're afraid.