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Preschool Curriculum 

Faith Fellowship Academy strives to offer the highest standards in early childhood education within a Christian environment where a child can grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Our goal is to provide a Christian, child-centered, nurturing environment filled with love and family support where children will know they are loved by Jesus and by our teachers.

To help us fulfill our purpose we have selected for all classes the "Wee Learn" curriculum published by Lifeway Christian Resources. The "Wee Learn" curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum plan for preschoolers that contains ample teaching using age-appropriate learning activities that is designed to lay a foundation for understanding God, Jesus, Bible, Church, self, family, others and the natural world. This curriculum includes learning centers, group activities as well as activities for pre-reading, pre-writing, phonics and number skills.

1 yr. old 
The main focus in this age group will be socialization, play to develop large motor skills, and active hands-on activities. A consistent routine is very important at this age and our goal is for each child to have fun and feel safe and secure while they are away from their moms and dads.

Railroad Set
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K-3 Curriculum
The K-3 curriculum will begin to take on a little more structure. The teachers will introduce letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. The teachers will also begin working on pre-writing skills and activities that help develop fine motor skills will be incorporated into daily activities. Socialization is still a major focus for the two year-olds. Games and activities that are geared around development of large motor skills are used throughout the year. Since routine is still very important at this age, a daily schedule is used and followed every day. All of the activities are designed to be fun and age-appropriate.

K-3 Curriculum

K-4 Curriculum
Once a child gets to the K-4 class, there will be structure and focus on the language arts and math areas. The children are introduced to upper and lower case letters and letter sounds. Teachers will encourage the children to recognize and begin trying to write their names as they grow developmentally throughout the year. This program includes the following math concepts: sorting, matching, pairing, counting, numeral recognition, opposites, comparisons, and spatial relationships. These math concepts are taught using games and other fun activities. As with all areas of the curriculum, learning through play is what we want to achieve.

K-4 Curriculum
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VPK (Pre-K) Curriculum 


The Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Olds along with the "Wee Learn" curriculum are used for the VPK program. 

The VPK program includes, but is not limited to, the following concepts:

Language Development: Reinforcing letter recognition (upper and lower case), writing letters, understanding phonetic sounds and letter blends, color words, and journaling through pictures and simple words.

Math: In this area we cover patterning, sorting, counting (to 100 -1's, 5's, 10's), numeral recognition, understanding number value, time and coins.

Science: The use of manipulatives, observing, describing, recording and predicting are some of the activities used during science time.

VPK Standards
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